Something’s been eating Samantha Hain’s friends, and she’s more than a little afraid it might be her! Set in Chicago in 2007, “Saamaanthaa” tracks the life of a 20-something performance artist who, along with her hipster friends, sees herself as a cultural subversive in a world full of norms. A fateful night with an enigmatic artist leads Sam to being infected with lycanthropy, which causes her world to turn inside out as the affliction overtakes her. She finds gruesome and destructive inspiration in her malady, and creative expression as well. The story propels her through Chicago’s streets and neighborhoods, with increasingly horrific results for herself, her friends, and even the world. Part black comedy, part satire, all horror novel, “Saamaanthaa” offers a uniquely literary take on the werewolf mythos, and builds to an unforgettable, grisly climax.

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